Paris Cola produces “made in France” soft drinks. A new era began with the creation of La Limonaderie de Paris, a company whose mission is to sell local drinks made exclusively in the Paris region. It then became the first producer of soft drinks that were 100% Île-de-France, from development to production.


_ How to create a dynamic new visual identity that makes the origin of the products immediately clear: not only 100% French, but also its place of production: The Île-de-France region?

_ How can we give this brand and each of its products the vitality and modernity that is characteristic of Paris and France, satisfying the expectations of tourists and Parisian consumers alike?

_ How to create design cues that apply across each of the different segments and also to the brand, while enabling each product to be immediately identified?

_ How to pave the way for the launch of new product varieties at a later date?

OUR response

_ Capitalize on strong Paris-specific design cues by using the Eiffel Tower and the sailor suit, to develop a unique and proprietary design that echoes the “Made in the Île-de-France” origins.

_ Use the BLUE WHITE RED colour coding specific to France for immediate identification with foreign tourists and 100% French buyers alike.

_ Develop a strong, identity-driven structure, in line with the brand, across the different beverage ranges, retaining the design cues for each variety established by the market.

_Use the dominant design elements as drivers of differentiation for each variety.

La Limonaderie