The Royco brand now represents the “instant soups” category, where it owns almost the entire market share in supermarkets. However, the category is fast losing ground.

GB Foods wants to “stop the haemorrhaging” and (re)capture the hearts of the French, its core target (the 50+), and broaden its target by winning over young people.

The brand – which until now has been the undisputed fast food leader – therefore chose to reposition itself in France, focusing on the strategically important moment of dinnertime. By developing a quick and light solution, conducive to letting go: the ME MOMENT.


How can ROYCO get back on track and come up with an offering that is more in line with current consumer expectations without losing its loyal consumers?


_ Switch from being a brand that drew inspiration from the snack segment, to a meal brand, embodying the idea of having a moment to oneself, warm and healthy.

_ Capitalise on brand assets (the red, the mug), while reinterpreting them by giving them meaning. The red is now inhabited by matter and the mug has once again become an object forming part of the decor and not a brand medium: the brand has been freed.

_ Review and clarify the architecture of the range by restructuring the hierarchy of elements.

_ Tell the consumer an aspirational story: switch from still life to a life scene. The ingredients are more natural and real.

_ Reassure consumers with more natural and real ingredients and by emphasising the intrinsic quality of the product: French manufacturing and the fact that it contains no colouring agents or preservatives.