The cereals market is a highly competitive market, torn between the international masterbrands with more nutrition-oriented discourses and the small new player brands, in particular Organic, with more hedonistic and/or responsible promises. In this context, the positioning of Jordans: “naturally delicious” must evolve in order to find specificity and be embodied in its offer and its packaging design.


How to reaffirm brand values, regain desirability and recruit new consumers in a competitive environment increasingly focused on naturalness and nutrition ?

Notre réponse

  • Evolve the brand platform with a new brand essence: cultivating the power of nature, based on 3 commitments: natural taste, healthy nutrition, respect for biodiversity
  • Embody this positioning in a new signature, “The taste of life” as well as in the illustration of the field, by changing it from a still life to a living nature.
  • Review the range architecture by creating a stronger and more impactful Jordans Organic range, serving as a new pillar for future innovations.
  • Modernize the design of the packs through the typographies and the shots of the products and ingredients in order to regain desirability with the target consumers.