Bonne Maman wanted to have its say for Mother’s Day by creating seasonal packaging for this special occasion.

The idea was to create a unique, one-off jam recipe for all mothers, presented in a beautiful box to make it a present which could be kept and re-used.

To this end, SUB was asked to create the graphic identity and labelling of the box.




Creating something unique and exceptional to reflect the creativity, delicious taste, attention to detail and genuine affection which Bonne Maman combines to make this surprising jam.




Meticulous, detailed work on all elements of the packaging :

Work on a graphic style focused on spring: fruit and flowers.

– Creation of a unique name which encourages consumers to daydream and to feel like they’re getting away from it all.

– Capitalising on more elaborate and intricate visual codes, similar to cosmetics, and work on materials and effects with embossing on the box to highlight Bonne Maman’s attention to detail in creating this beautiful box.

– The concept of it being a gift is emphasised to help create precious memories of the day.

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