A major player on the cereal market for over 150 years, Jordans has seen challenges and potential weaknesses in two historic categories: chocolate chips and granola. The brand has thus decided to reaffirm its status and reinforce its image as an expert in these cereal products.


How to express Jordans new positioning “Naturally Delicious” and how to appeal to a new kind of “ultra healthy” consumer while staying true to long-term fans and the brand’s core values ?



_ Develop a creative concept “Welcome to Jordans’s countryside” that illustrates its market positioning and reinforces the brand’s impact.

_ Define a branding system that allows for easier navigation between the company’s range of products.

_ Highlight RTBs through the creation of an organic seal assuring premium, high quality all-natural products.

_ Stage the raw product to reinforce the concept of generosity.

_ Include storytelling on the back of the packaging to express the brand’s authenticity.