Bonne Maman is a brand that invites consumers to take a trip down memory lane and to relive the forgotten tastes of their childhood.

Through this wonderful project, the brand asked us to accompany their expansion to a new category, confectionary, with a range of fruit pastes which offer a unique taste and are made with the finest fruit.

What would be more natural that fine fruit confectionary by Bonne Maman?


_How can we shake up the market and reinvent a new, modern image of fruit pastes ?

_ How can we use packaging to evoke the unique taste experience that the brand offers?



_Maintain the original image of Bonne Maman that has led to its success.

_ Develop a dispenser box designed like a jewellery case, and slip individually-wrapped fruit pastes inside.

_ Highlight the variety of products by using a simple, direct and modern visual.

Bonne Maman pates de fruits
Bonne Maman